Why Choose Elite Welding Academy?


  • Provides career-focused, hands-on programs in Structural and Pipe Welding-26 weeks
  • Seasoned instructors have years of pipe welding and fitting experience - so learn from the best!
  • Fully equipped and up-to-date weld booths, cutting areas and prep areas
  • Variety of metals and fittings available for welding practice
  • Prepare students to weld in the field - necessary skills first accomplished in the weld booth, then students perform welds from the top of a ladder, varying inches off of the ground, and even outside using a gas drive
  • Follow the American Welding Society (AWS), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Council of Construction Education and Research (NCCER) industry welding guidelines
  • One of the very few schools in Ohio or Houston that teaches structural and pipe welding
  • The safety record is excellent because safety is of utmost importance
  • Approved by the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools #06-11-180T and Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training #1301
  • Financial Aid is available for those who qualify
  • Approved for Veterans and eligible dependents
  • With hard work and excellent attendance, you will be JOB READY!


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Elite Welding Academy is much more than just a school when it comes to placement. We are owned by a large mechanical contractor that hires many of our students directly. Our sister company, Core Crew is a staffing service that helps place students as well. Between our mechanical contracting company and built-in staffing service your odds of gainful employment are better than most.


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What is the Future of Welders in 2021? 

 By the time high school starts, students get anxious about the career they want to pursue. Some of them opt for healthcare, a few of them consider their careers in teaching or construction, whereas many overlook welding as a career. A welding career might look easy as it requires no college degree with short training programs. Still, it needs extreme skills and extensive knowledge about welding techniques and abilities to interpret engineering blueprints.  

A welder can go through various paths, including motorsports, underwater welding, robotics, project management, education, and engineering. To get into the following fields, one must acquire professional training and knowledge about new welding practices and technologies, including NFPA, NEC 2020, and much more. Welding is considered one of the rapidly-growing professions globally, and according to the stats, the demand for welders is anticipated to grow by 26 per cent by 2021.

Looking forward to the welding profession might turn out great for you. Here are some pros and cons of this profession that might help you decide in favour of this career. 

Current Shortage 

The average age of working welders is around 55 or 60, which means most of them would retire in the nearest times. Also, recent research portrayed that by the year 2024, the industry will face a shortage of about 400,00 welders. The reasons for the current shortage of young welders include societal choices which consider welding career as blue-collar jobs that pay less and put lives at more risks. Also, changes in the educational system stopped encouraging students to go for such fields. This shortage of welders creates numerous job opportunities for many years to come and makes the welding career a sustainable choice for those who want to enter this profession.  

Highest Paying Career 

The welding profession offers high starting pay in comparison to other careers. Some of the highest paying welding fields include pipe welder, underwater welder, military support welder, aerospace welder, and certified welding supervisor. A welder's earning potential is perceived to be directly related to the level of risk affiliated with the job. However, it is not true. The more the welder is trained and applies proper safety practices, the highest his pay is.  

Sense of Achievement 

A welder who works in any field, whether it is constructing a bridge, car, or any building, gets to see the progress of his job and the result of it immediately compared to other jobs. Getting to see their labour outcome instantly produces a sense of achievement in their minds, which later motivates them to struggle more and keep working hard. Welders get an immediate feeling of accomplishment, which helps them feel proud of their work, stay content and satisfied with their jobs, and earn money. 

The flexibility of Working Hours 

The best thing about the profession of a welder is the choice of working hours. Welders do not need to work for a specified timeframe, just like office hours. They can work according to their schedules and opt for day shifts or night shifts as per their choice. Also, you can make day-to-day decisions about the kind of labour you want to pitch on. The welding field comes with the opportunity to have a perfect balance of work and family time. Thus, choosing welding as a profession is worth it because you can spend leisure time relaxing with your family after long hours of labour. 

Versatility of Fields 

While you attain training to become a welder, you do not prepare yourself up for just one type of job. Once you get qualified as a professional welder, you can get into various industries that require well-trained welders. Some of the sectors that need welders include maintenance, robotics, engineering, manufacturing, installation, construction, upgrades, etc. This versatility of welding fields highlights how exciting this career is. Also, choosing this career can provide you with great travelling opportunities because of various job sites. 


Scope of Growth 

There are jobs where you have to sit the whole day and do nothing. You feel dissatisfied and bored because you are trapped in a particular position in your job, which turns out to be a dead-end for your career. However, a welding career never imparts you with a dead end. You can move onto various other jobs when you get bored of a certain field. Therefore, the welding profession provides a great scope of growth.  

Jamie Roy