This program is offered at our Cincinnati Campus only.

Elite Welding Academy offers an Intro to Industrial Construction program that provides individuals with professional development in construction. This program is the core curriculum for continuous education and knowledge in supplementary safety precautions and introduction to the trade.

During the course, students will obtain a stronger knowledge of all areas of construction safety, personal protective equipment use, equipment care, equipment set-up, and equipment maintenance. All these areas will be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced to help students become proficient in their skills.

The Intro to Industrial Construction program is measured in clock hours and is divided into 4 sessions with a total of 110 clock hours. The program is 3 weeks long, and students attend class for 40 hours most weeks. There are a total of 33 lecture clock hours and 77 lab clock hours. 

The student-to-instructor ratio is 18 to 1, and the maximum time for students to complete this program is approximately 3 weeks.

Upon successful completion of this curriculum, the student will be given a Certificate of Completion for the Intro to Industrial Construction program.

Class times for the Intro to Industrial Construction program are held during the day from Monday to Thursday, with a schedule of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 am – 2:00 pm. Friday hours may vary, and students are advised to check the class schedule for exact times. 

This program meets for three weeks of instruction on rigging operations with ½ hour per day for lunch. It is important to note that weeks 1 & 2 are 40 hours, and week 3 is 30 hours. This course is available at our Cincinnati campus location only.