Staff Bio

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Mark Mosley - Controlling Member of Elite Welding Academy/ C.E.O. United Group Services Mark has been the controlling owner of Elite Welding Academy since 2006 and of United Group Services since 1982.

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Dan Freese - EWA Managing Member / Owner & President – United Group Services Dan Freese has over 20 years in construction management and has been the President of United Group Services since 2003 and partial owner of Elite Welding Academy October 2013

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Bob Reeves - Vice President of Operations Bob Reeves is Vice President of Operations for Elite Welding Academy and Elite Pipe Welding Academy. He was the Director of Elite Welding Academy from 2006 until 2014 and is presently Interim Director of Elite Pipe Welding Academy in Houston, TX.  He is recognized by the State of Ohio as a School Director. Bob also has over 16 years of Pipe Welding / Pipefitting experience and has Instructional experience with the State of Kentucky

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F. Michael Rice CWI/ CWE Director of Instruction Mike has over 20 years of pipe welding and pipefitting experience and at least 7 years of instructional experience. He is an OSHA Outreach Trainer for construction and holds numerous welding certifications. Mike is also certified as an ASNT Level II VT and Scaffold Training Institute Trainer. He is the Testing Supervisor and Manager for our AWS Accredited Test Facility. He has been trained as an NCCER instructor and is a member of the American Welding Society. He began teaching at Ohio’s Elite Welding Academy in December of 2012

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Genois Thomas – Executive Director Genois received a Master’s of Business Administration from Texas Southern University and a Bachelor of Administration from American InterContinental University in Human Resources.  Genois has over 26 years of extensive administrative, director and executive experience, joining Elite Welding Academy in 2015




Gail Goode - Financial Aid Director Gail received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cincinnati in Education.  Gail has an extensive background in Administration as a manager, supervisor, and Title IV Administration as financial aid director in both non-profit and for-profit institutions, joining Elite Welding Academy in 2016



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Mike Senay - Lead Welding Instructor     Mike Senay has over 35 years of pipe welding and fitting experience and at least 15 years of instructional experience. He has held supervisory positions while employed at Untied Group Services. Mike holds numerous welding certifications including a 30 hour OSHA card through United Group Services.  He has been trained as an NCCER instructor and is a member of the American Welding Society



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Mark Jamison - Welding Instructor      Mark has been an employee of United Group Services as a pipe welder for 20 years and Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.  He began working with Elite Welding Academy in 2014.  He has various welding certifications through United Group Services.  He has worked in the field and in the shop environment




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Shelly Gilbert – Welding Instructor/Placement Coordinator   Shelly has 22 years of welding experience in both the shop and field.  She was a United Group Services employee for 14 years holding various certifications with UGS and welding instructor for 4 years




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M. Ben Woolwine – Welding Instructor Ben is a certified pipe welder. He has been an employee of United Group Services as a pipe welder for over 5 years.  Ben graduated from the Elite Welding Academy in October 2014. Ben is a former figure skater of 20 years also with over 15 years of teaching experience






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Shawn Kennedy – Welding Instructor Shawn, has 7 years pipe welding & fabrication experience for several industrial companies. Has various welding certifications on multiple metals in united group services, has worked in 17 states as a pipe welder for various piping companies and contractors, is a graduate of Elite Welding Academy in January 2013, joining Elite Welding Academy 2020






Mea Forte – Financial Administrator Mea attended Columbia Southern University.  Mea has 13 years of financial aid administration and advisory for several for-profit colleges and universities, specializing in Title IV, Central Processing, financial packaging and processes, joining Elite Pipe Welding Academy January 2020



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 April Michalski - Admission Director  April received an Associate Degree in Social and Behavioral Science from Ventura College.  She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree for US History from Southern New Hampshire University.  April served as Military Police in the United States Air Force, US Army and Army National Guard.  In the USAF April served in the Presidential Honor Guard in Washington, D.C.  April has over 15 years of management experience and a marketing background, she has joined Elite Welding Academy as of July 2019.



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Angela Ginn-Administrative Assistant Angela Ginn has over 15 years of case management experience with the State of Texas Family Service Department.  Over 27 years of social service skills with the State of Texas, a graduate of Ole Miss, BBA-Marketing.  Joining Elite Pipe Welding Academy December 2019




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Michale Frazier - Lead Instructor Michale Frazier has over 24 years of pipe welding and fabrication experience, and one (1) year of experience as a Saturday welding school instructor with Untied Group Services in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Michale has held a piping foreman’s position for several industrial companies and fabrication shops.  Have numerous welding certifications on SubArc, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, GTAW, & Orbital Welding. Also extensive knowledge in welding alloys, such as INCONEL, HASTELLOY, CHROME, NICKEL, COPPER-NICKEL, DUPLEX, ALUMINUM




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Bobby Hathaway, Instructor/Placement Coordinator Bobby has 30 years’ experience in a pipe and structural welding with carbon, stainless steel and aluminum using GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW & SAW processes. Has 15 years’ experience as an Instructor/Trainer in Welding and Fabrication.  He is a member of the American Welding Society, holds an Instructor Certification with the NCCER, joining Elite Welding Academy 2019




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Zachary Farley, Level 1 Instructor, Zachary Farley has 3 years of pipe welding experience.  Zachary graduated from Elite Welding Academy where he started his pipe welding career with Turner Industry before returning to Elite Welding Academy and joining the team has a level 1 instructor




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Marvin Majano, Instructor; Marvin has 8 years’ experience in pipe and structural welding.  Marvin graduated from San Jacinto College earning certification in Combination Welding.  Marvin trained in various safety programs, highly skilled in combo welding GTAW SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and different types of exotic metals, joining Elite Welding Academy 2020.




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Casey Senay, Bursar, Casey Senay specialties with the school are Placement assistance and working with the students to make sure they are on pace to graduate. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in History from Miami University and I am currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Social Studies Education from Miami University, joining Elite welding Academy 2018



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Daniel Martin, Admission Administrator, Daniel has14 years of recruiting and marketing in various fields,  10 years Department of Human Services field supervisor, Been a member of NLC for the past 5 years for the leadership of an America joining Elite Welding Academy Novembers 2019 




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Andrew Kessinger, Lead Instructor Andrew has 15 years’ experience in welding pipe and structural.  He is a shop foreman at a major manufacturing company, has OSHA 10 certification, worked with boilermakers and has 15 years’ experience in MIG TIG and stick, joining Elite Welding Academy 2018




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 Tony Koukos, Instructor Tony worked with McGinnis INC he was a welder fitter from 85-01 and welder fitter at AK steel from 2001 to 2018 and works with Pickett concrete as a welding and fabrication for 30 plus years also has his own welding business Koukos welding in South Point Ohio, joining Elite Welding Academy in 2019