Ben Woolwine

Social Media Manager

After making a career change in 2014, Ben chose Elite Welding Academy (EWA) to help kickstart his welding career. With a strong focus on TIG welding, Ben brings his expertise to the Elite Welding Academy team. In addition to his welding skills, he also manages the social media accounts for EWA.

Ben has achieved significant milestones in his welding career, notably transitioning from being a student to becoming an instructor within just five years of field welding.

Being a part of EWA holds deep meaning for Ben. He finds it incredibly rewarding to help others start or restart their career paths, especially when it comes to dispelling the intimidation associated with welding. Having navigated his own journey in this industry, Ben is dedicated to putting people’s minds at ease and guiding them toward success.

Prior to joining EWA, Ben had a professional figure skating background, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in different fields.

Beyond welding, Ben has a passion for cars, Lego, Star Wars, and Formula 1. He finds joy in these hobbies, which serve as creative outlets and sources of inspiration.