Financial Aid 

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Financial aid is now available for the

Elite Welding Houston South Point and Cincinnati locations

Financial aid is available beginning with the March 2020 class at Elite Welding Houston

Elite Welding Academy can offer Pell Grants and Department of Education Direct Loans.


Applying for grants and loans is done at the web site (free application for student aid). 


Next class is July 6, 2021-


and contact Admissions Department to Enroll


You will need to create an FSA ID, directions are on the FAFSA. This is your electronic signature. The process will verify your phone number and email address.

An FSAID is required before you can use the IRS data transfer tool which is the best way to add you and your parents tax information from the year required 

Note that income information is two prior years - all other information for the FAFSA is as of the day you are filling it out.


If you answer all questions in Step 3 section with "NO" you are considered dependent and your parent will also need to provide information. 

Campus selection is 042067 Cincinnati location. E40495 Houston campus (Elite Pipe Welding Academy) and South Point E40501

You have not successfully submitted the FAFSA until until you see the Completion Confirmation page

After submitting the fafsa, you will see your loan and pell grant eligibility on the email that will be sent to you within a couple minutes from the DOE


Federal Pell Grants

Pell Grants are provided by the US Department of Education and do not have to be repaid. 

Student Loans- Deferred payment loans

These are loans that you do not have to start paying back until six months after you graduate.

These loans also carry a relatively low interest rate, a low monthly payment and they help you to start building good credit for yourself.

*Financial aid available to those who qualify

Entrance Counseling

A requirement of the DOE for first time student loan borrowers.  This is a financial literacy information question and answer session.  IT takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.


Master Promissory Note

A completed Master Promissory Note (MPN) is required to originate a loan.  Past the student loan address below into your browser to complete this online.  You will need 3 references with complete names, address and phone number to complete it.

To finalize any student aid that is accepted in your award letter, the following links can get you to the site to complete the next steps online:

Title IV Code of Conduct 

Net Price Calculator

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Approved for Veterans (PDF)

Debt managment information